mds-symbol[1]On June 24th, 2010, Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) and the MDS Organizing Committee will host a workshop-meeting at the United States Social Forum in Detroit. MDS is taking the social forum as an opportunity to present our work, our Constitution, and the organizing model we have developed. This is a critical time for movement mobilization. The workshop and meeting we are presenting is an effort to advance this mobilization.

At this time, we’d like to invite all activists, friends, likeminded allies and the curious to attend, as we, in common struggle and solidarity, work to build a genuinely liberatory, directly democratic movement and society.

What is Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS)?

Movement for a Democratic Society is a global association of people on the left. It seeks to create a sustained community of educational and political concern and actions: one bringing together liberals and radicals, activists and scholars, students, faculty and workers in all trades. It maintains a vision of a democratic society, where at all levels the people have control of the decisions which affect them and the resources on which they are dependent. It seeks a relevance through the continual focus on realities and on the programs necessary to effect change at the most basic levels of economic, political, and social organization. It feels the urgency to put forth a radical, democratic program counter-posed to authoritarian movements.

Why should I attend the MDS WORKSHOP-MEETING at the USSF in Detroit on June 24th?
The workshop is entitled, “Organization: what are the best structures
for political (and more) association, adequate for our needs in these times?””
As people on the left, we speak of the need for better movement organization, more effective focus, sharper actions, wider reach, participatory democracy, bottom-up process, horizontal connections, and greater transparency. In 2009, an organizing committee for Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) undertook the drafting of a Constitution, to describe the working form of such an organization and to incorporate the best practices we have learned.

On July 4, 2009, our proposed Constitution was released to the MDS member body for input and analysis. On October 11, 2009, it was voted upon and adopted in a multi-city membership conference call. At the Detroit workshop, we will present this document for review, discussion, and to elicit proposals for improvement, and implementation.

MDS has a rich history and legacy. Current members are moving forward based on that legacy, the strength of the organization, an openness to new, more cooperative ways of working together, a unique, multi-tendency approach, and a desire to see that approach continue.
Discussion will center around the importance of multi-generational organizing, working with allied groups, inter-organizational cooperation, non-hierarchical structuring, a commitment to direct action, sustaining a multi-issue approach, building a network of local chapters, a “one struggle, many fronts” orientation, and developing an international reach.

Topics include but are not limited to:
** A historical review: “How SDS became MDS”. What has MDS been doing on a local and national level?
** A mission statement: What are our needs?
** The international view. How do we tie into global networks and structures?
** Understanding and fully utilizing new modes of communication
** Cooperation and competition among organizations .
** Common actions based on shared values and issues

Following this presentation and discussion, members of MDS will hold a membership meeting at approximately 3:00 PM, to reflect on the workshop and conduct organizational business – putting into practice the principles we discussed.

Join Us!

Thursday, June 24 – 1:00-5:30 PM.
Room 02-35 Cobo Hall, 1 Washington Boulevard, Detroit, MI

We want the World, and we want it Now!