Statement On Developments at “Occupy Concord”

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Comrades of Occupy Concord,

We bring you greetings of solidarity in your struggles.  Learning that Occupy Concord had come to an end at its site of occupation was disappointing to us.  Learning the role of Frank Running Horse aka Steve Orcutt and the group of people formed by him, calling itself sds/mds, was distressing.  We are the core group of the MDS Organizing Committee. We are bonafide members of Movement for A Democratic Society (MDS).  We wrote the MDS Constitution. We know who our members are. There is only one mds group in the San Francisco Bay Area–Bay Area MDS.  Bay Area MDS has existed since 2007.  Runninghorse aka Orcutt has never attended a meeting of Bay Area MDS and he has never become a member of the larger organization–MDS.  Please know that regardless of the picket signs he makes, that falsely represent him as MDS, that any claims he makes to represent MDS are false.  We are your comrades in the Occupy Movement everywhere.   We regret that anyone might think that Frank Runninghorse aka Steve Orcutt has, or ever had, anything to do with Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS).

In love and struggle for truth, justice, peace, and a human revolution everywhere,

Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS)

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