USSF Workshop for MDS

Title: Organization: What is the best structure for a global political (and more) association, adequate for our needs, in these times?

We all, at least many, speak of the need for better movement organization, more effective focus, sharper actions, wider reach, participatory democracy, bottom up process, transparency of finances, etc

An organizing committee for “movement for a democratic society” undertook the drafting of a “constitution,” released July 4, 2009,
and adopted as a working document on October 11, 2009, to describe the form of such an organization and incorporate best practices we have learned.

We propose to present this document for review, and discussion, and to elicit proposals for improvement, and implementation.

With the rich history of mds, current members wish to move forward based on the strength of the organization

Discussion will focus on multi generational membership, associated groups and inter-organization cooperation, local direct action “chapters,” multi-issue, “one struggle, many fronts” orientation, international/global. Topics will include:

short historical review: “how sds became mds” and what the movement for a democratic society has been doing
sharing a mission statement, what are our needs?
current situation of global/local networks and structures
ways of communication cooperation and competition among organizations and issues proposed common actions

We will conduct this workshop jointly with Military Families Speak Out. and are interested in cooperation with other organizations having similar interests.

We will invite to participate a few allied organizations with which we imagine modeling positive relationships and best practices, for example:
Students for Democratic Society, War Resisters League, United for Peace and Justice, Global Network to Prevents Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Abolition 2000, Labor Notes, Peace Action, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, TimeBanksUSA, Community Service Club, People’s Global Action, Indy Media, and people able to speak of past and present “internationals” of political (socialist and anarchist) organizations.

Following this presentation and discussion, “movement for a democratic society” will hold a “membership meeting.”
reflecting on the workshop and conducting organization business. (requesting room on June 24 Thursday, or Friday June 25)

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