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An Introduction and An Invitation

From the time of the First International, the International Workingmen’s Association of 1864, until today, the vast majority of the people of the world has suffered from failures of unity in the pursuit of our common needs and interests, in the face of highly organized and tiny elites of wealthy rulers. We keep trying. On the eve of the illegal U.S. Invasion of Iraq in 2003, a protest demonstration was held simultaneously on every continent, including Antarctica. This was not the first worldwide day of action in history. May 1, for generations has been observed as world labor day. But May Day was not organized “overnight”. It took months, years of communication in a world where communication was a major barrier to any global coordination. Today, we have the communications technology to overcome this barrier.
A landmark event took place in Chicago during August of 2006. People from across North America held a convention to re-start Students for a Democratic Society. SDS had not held a convention for more than 30 years. A small number of veterans of the 1960s SDS attended the 2006 convention and held a meeting there to re-start one of the SDS projects: Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS). MDS was conceived as a lifelong extension of the work SDS was doing on the campuses and in the community.
With ecological and economic nightmares popping up everywhere and every time we blink, let alone rest, we urgently need to try again to create a global community of both conversation and coordination.
We cannot afford to wait while we sort out all of our differences. We need to find ways forward on many life and death issues – war and empire, repression, healthcare, climate calamity, the struggle for the commons–even while we continue to express our differences and continue to try to persuade each other of the merits of our analyses of history and of our various visions of a new society.
Movement for a Democratic Society has formed to work on building this effective global community.

Join us. We are multi-tendency and multi-issue. We want people who already belong to other left and progressive organizations. We expressly want to build upon, and hopefully grow, the existing networks of groups in which our members work. And we want members who are not now active in any other group as well.


Movement for a Democratic Society Constitution 2009
(This constitution is adapted from the sds constitution 1962-67)
Preamble: Movement for a Democratic Society is a global association of people on the left. It seeks to create a sustained community of educational and political concern and actions: one bringing together liberals and radicals, activists and scholars, students, faculty and workers in all trades. It maintains a vision of a democratic society, where at all levels the people have control of the decisions which affect them and the resources on which they are dependent. It seeks a relevance through the continual focus on realities and on the programs necessary to effect change at the most basic levels of economic, political, and social organization. It feels the urgency to put forth a radical, democratic program counter-posed to authoritarian movements.
Contact Information: San Diego Chapter

Join MDS. Become an MDS organizer.
“We want the World, and we want it Now!”