Free The Nadler 4
Free The Nadler 4 – Impeach Bush and Cheney!

Reading about “Extraordinary Rendition” in a free and democratic country?Stephanie and Sharon reading from the Bush Crimes Commission Verdict for ImpeachmentStephanie joining the discussionSharon contemplating our torture discussionVisiting Nadler’s OfficeShowing Yvette Clark’s letter for ImpeachmentVisiting Nadler’s Office and discussing Impeachment

Seven of us visited Congressman Nadler’s Manhattan office again today, our usual lunchtime visit.  We sat in the office and announced ourselves, signed into the visiting guests page, and made ourselves comfortable. 

It really is a very nice office, too bad the proper work does not go on there.  At the same time we were in his office, David Swanson, and at least 12 others were occupying the House Judiciary Committee room in Washington, D.C.  Some of those concerned citizens for impeachment got to meet with Congressman Conyers.  However, we in New York, weren’t lucky, again.  We have tried to set up meetings with him, but he choses not to. 

We did hear, however, that last Friday, unannouced “guests” for impeachment did meet with him.  Bravo!  But to no avail, he gave them reasons for not pursuing impeachment.  Our only guess was that it would be the usual silly reasons that are all extremely political.  What we don’t understand is when your “title” is Chair of the Sub-committee for the Constitution and Civil Liberties, how you could absolutely avoid impeachment with this current administration.

We brought to the attention of the very nice office assistant there, since Mr. Gottheim refuses to even look in our direction, that with the release of the Yoo internal memo to the President on torture, which not only implicates Rumsfeld, Gonzales, but Bush & Cheney, there will be immediate evidence right at his fingertips to start impeachment proceedings.  What worries us at this point, is that we are hearing rumblings that these people are being investigated by the International Tribunal for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and that some of these government officials could easily be at some point in the future, held accountable by foreign countries. 

How bad does that make Nadler look?  Our government is behaving so improperly that at some point they will all go down with the ship, good or bad intentions.  If Nadler is an accessory to war crimes, he should lose his job, and also be tried in the Hague.  As well as Clinton, Mr. & Mrs., Pelosi, et al. 

We must keep the pressure up on these “Representatives”.  They are not doing the right thing and if we didn’t we would wind up in jail.