On Sunday, March 9th, there was a Town Hall Meeting which included some great speakers.  Liz Holtzman was there speaking always about impeachment.  But the guest of honor, Congressman Nadler, refused to appear.  This message was given to the organizers:

Jerrold Nadler’s Director of Relations, Friday, after 5:00 p.m., replying to our invitation of February 14 to speak at the Town Hall Meeting this Sunday.  Congresssman Nadler has declined our invitation.  According to Gottheim, Nadler feels he has spoken to many of us on many occasions on this issue.  

We are very disappointed that Congressman Nadler did not take this opportunity to participate in this conversation weighing “Is Impeachment Necessary to Protect the Constitutional,” with three experts in the field of Constitutional law.  He will also not be making himself available to his constituents who will be coming to the Town Hall Meeting with questions and comments for him.


The fact that he refused to show up because this topic had been discussed before, and he refuses to speak to his constituents, as well as concerned citizens who absolutely have the right to not only speak with him, but to demand impeachment of  war criminals, should mean that he should lose his job! 


Those of us who are determined to bring the hammer of justice down upon this Administration, will not leave Nadler alone.  We will haunt his district, haunt his offices, and make his life generally miserable.